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Nina Arvesen
Episode Tenure: 1760-2135
Airdates: July 23, 1991 to January 13, 1993

Other Name

Angela Cassidy (maiden name)


Owner of The Santa Barbara Bulletin
Owner of the Angela Cassidy Gallery


Unnamed father (he was a governor)
Marilyn Cassidy (sister; deceased)


David Raymond (divorced)
Warren Lockridge
Ted Capwell (affair)
C.C. Capwell

Brief Character History

Angela Raymond, the wife of Judge David Raymind, was a strong, cunning, ambitious and strikingly beautiful woman who knew exactly what she wanted. Unfortunately, Angela and David had a troubled marriage, one that started with the coverup of her sister Marilyn's death.

Soon after coming to Santa Barbara, Angela arranged for Warren Lockridge to interview David for his newspaper. She became attracted to Warren and they began a hot affair. Still, Angela had a possessive streak and was jealous of David's interest in Julia Wainwright.

One night, a bullet traveled through Mason Capwell and killed Amado Gonzalez at the Oasis Hotel. Immediately afterwards, a stunned Angela saw Warren on her apartment balcony holding a rifle aimed at the Oasis. Warren and Angela suspected each other of the shooting, but soon realized that neither of them was guilty.

When Warren was tried for the shooting, Angela bravely played up to Craig Hunt to prove he was the real culprit. When Craig caught on, he planned to kill Angela and forced her to write a suicide note in which she confessed to the shooting. Luckily, she was rescued in time by Cruz Castillo and Warren. Eventually, Angela and David got divorced. By then, Angela had fallen in love with Warren.

Trying to buy Warren's love, Angela gave him the Santa Barbara Bulletin. She also purchased an art gallery. Warren became torn between Angela and Cassandra Benedict, his former lover. In the end, he chose Angela. Cassie went mad over the issue and began harassing Angela. She even poisoned Angela's soup. When that didn't work, Cassie exposed the fact that David and Angela were responsible for the car crash that killed Angela's sister Marilyn. Later, when Angela fell off a ladder and was unconscious, Marilyn's spirit urged her to forgive herself for causing Marilyn's death.

Warren and Angela's relationship continued until he fell in love with B.J. Walker. Meanwhile, Angela began a lusty affair with Ted Capwell, who was engaged to Katrina Ruyker at the time. Following a car accident, Angela suffered from amnesia and began working in a diner. She was found by Ted. Later, in Dallas, Angela and Ted were caught in bed together by Katrina. Angela finally got her memory back and dumped Ted. She then cozied up to his father, C.C. Capwell. C.C. proposed to her. However, realizing that C.C. still loved his ex-wife Sophia, Angela broke up with him. It was a friendly parting and the last time we saw Angela.

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